Gear Up for the 2019/2020 Winter Ski Season with SportPursuit

Getting ready for your next snow fix? Good news; WeSki has partnered with SportPursuit in preparation for the upcoming season, so that WeSki customers can get exclusive discounts and invest in some fancy and functional new gear. 

How Do You Benefit From the WeSki & SportPursuit Partnership?

Straight off the bat, when you book your next ski trip with us, you’ll get exclusive access to WeSki x SportPursuit offers. Every time you make a purchase with SportPursuit, you’ll get 10% off your order. Plus, you’ll also get an additional introductory 10% off with your first purchase. That means that you can save 20% on new ski or snowboard gear this season on top of the great savings SportPursuit already offer through their flash sales.

We’re assuming you’re already a little familiar with SportPursuit, but if you haven’t already had a browse, you’ll be delighted to discover SportPursuit offer a hefty winter sports section with hundreds of snazzy items.

To get 10% off your next SportPursuit purchase, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve purchased a holiday from WeSki, as these discounts are exclusive to WeSki customers.
  2. Head over to the SportPursuit website.
  3. Sign up or sign in to SportPursuit. Signing up takes just two minutes and you must confirm your email address.
  4. Have a browse of their sales and products (like we said, they have lots!) and head to the checkout when you’re ready.
  5. Enter the code SP-WESKI10 into the discount code section.
  6. Your discount code will be applied.

Have a look at the terms & conditions on SportPursuit’s website. It’s all pretty straightforward but we always recommend you read the small-print.

I’ve Never Skied Before, So How Does This Partnership Benefit Me?

First off, if you’ve never skied before, welcome. Around 30% of our customers that ski with us each year are trying it for the first time, so you’re not alone! We love skiing, and we don’t just say that as a ski company that sells ski trips, we say that as passionate individuals who adore the snow and who happen to work at WeSki too.

Skiing is like so many other sports; it’s a great physical activity that is fun, mentally stimulating and can be undertaken either alone or with friends. The best part? Well, it’s the great outdoors. The snow, the mountains, the trees, the endless skies. You don’t have to be a pro. You just have to love the outdoors and want to try something sporty and new.

Can Anyone Learn to Ski?

Absolutely. We’ve written a whole post on this topic. There are various barriers to skiing and we appreciate that skiing can sometimes seem a bit cliquey or just ridiculously expensive, but we’re here to tell you that that isn’t always the case anymore. These days, the world of ski and snowboard is opening up to more and more people from all walks of life. Ski holidays are becoming more flexible, and available at much more accessible prices too. Worried you’re not physically fit enough for skiing? You don’t need to be an athlete to have a good time on the slopes. Nevertheless, we won’t deny that being in good shape makes things that bit easier. You can check out SkiBro’s advice on how to get ready for skiing, including training recommendations for the upcoming season. Otherwise, a little bit of nervous excitement is all you’ll need.

What Does Skiing and Snowboarding Involve, Exactly?

This is quite a fun question. Why? Because most people who’ve never skied before, think they know the answer. If you’re a non-skier, when you think ‘skiing’ you probably think of this:

Skier on the piste in Austria
Skier on the piste in Austria. Photo by Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash

And as for snowboarding, well you may have seen it on the Olympics once or twice and witnessed some mad feat like this:

Snowboarder pulling tricks in Stobai Zoo, Solden, Austria
Snowboarder pulling tricks in Stobai Zoo, Solden, Austria. Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

For a non-skier or boarder, or even someone who is a newbie or a little bit under confident in the sport, these images are somewhat intimidating. But actually, skiing and snowboarding is so much more than this. For beginners, it’s all about sticking to the easy slopes, or pistes, and taking in stunning views, whilst you find your feet and perfect your technique. Whether your try skiing or snowboarding, or both, it’s not an extreme sport and it doesn’t require being dropped from a helicopter onto a death-defying steep slope.

Skier in Flaine, France
Skier in Flaine, France. Photo by Kasya Shahovskaya on Unsplash

You don’t need to be an expert or into extreme sports to fall in love with skiing and boarding. If you do fall in love with the sport, gaining more experience will open up a whole new world of magic. Enter, skiing off-piste, or the back-country.

What is Skiing ‘Off-Piste’?

If you know what this means, and you’ve been fortunate enough to have good powder days, then forgive us whilst we try to put into words the glory that is skiing in waist-deep fresh snow. Skiers and boarders start out on-piste, which are the groomed slopes leading down into the resort. Once you’ve got some experience and confidence, skiing off-piste is a cracking hobby to pursue. Off-piste you can cut through the trees, and around other natural obstacles, whilst flying over, and through deep, fresh powder snow. It looks something like this:

Skiing deep powder in Gerlos, Austria.
Skiing deep powder in Gerlos. Austria Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

Take a tumble? No worries, the snow is your giant fluffy airbag. Getting to it can sometimes require a right trek, which means beautiful morning views like this:

Hike to the top, before skiing back down.
Hike to the top, before skiing back down. Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

So, from starting out, through to becoming a seasoned skier or boarder, there are hundreds of parts of the world to explore, with resorts in America, Canada, Europe, and across Asia. Once you’ve really aced the sport, and if you’re more into the powder than the mountain views, you may find yourself heading to the ultimate Kingdom of pow-pow, Japan.

Watch a really excitable Jon Olsson, a professional freeskier, skiing in powder in Japan:

Japan has the best snow in the world. Media via Jon Olsson

Get Closer to Nature

Not into the crowds? The beauty of skiing and snowboarding is that you don’t need to become an instant expert to ride in places where mountains are many and people are few. Advanced and confident skiers and boarders can enjoy the back-country, but for those of us just starting out, grab a guide-come-instructor who will help you avoid the queues and find peaceful pistes to explore. There are also plenty of other things to do on your ski trip that don’t involve strapping long planks of wood to your feet. Try snow-shoeing, which is essentially hiking on snow, or husky-sledding, plus hundreds of other activities that resorts increasingly have on offer.

Ski and Snowboard Resorts are Magical

An of course, this brings us to another aspect of skiing and snowboarding. There are the actual resorts to consider too. You can visit places around the world, each with their own unique winter style. In Europe, you can find pistes lined with little huts serving hot cocoa, or alcohol, and a place to put your feet up and enjoy the view. There’s also tons of restaurants and bars in the resorts, all part of an ‘après-ski scene’ to explore, with Michelin-rated restaurants in Val Thorens and great après-ski bars in Chamonix, for example.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a party animal, the slopes have got something for you too. This closing party at La Folie Douce in Val d’Isère is just a taste of how they do things above the clouds.

Day 1 Closing AfterMovie, WTF Party 2018, La Folie Douce Val d’Isère via La Folie Douce

Ready for Your First Ski Trip?

So, if we’ve convinced you, now’s the time to think about what you’ll need for your first ski trip. We’ve created a handy ‘what to pack’ guide in this post. SportPursuit also have a cracking collection of helpful guides too.

Which Gear Should You Rent and Which Should You Buy?

As a first timer, there are a few bits we absolutely recommend you invest in, whilst the rest you can rent and will be just fine. Your basics, such as socks, undies, and warm clothes for the evening should definitely be purchased in advance. There are plenty of options via SportPursuit, compared to a much more limited (and likely more costly) selection of items that you’ll find in your resort.

Should I Buy Ski Goggles?

Yes. Here’s why: sunglasses can do the trick, but a major downside is that they only partially cover your eyes. Ski goggles cover all around your eye area, and protect a lot more of your face and eyes from sun and windburn. They also are strapped to your head and a water-tight seal keeps snow, sweat, and rain from running into your eyes.

Use SportPursuit’s Goggles Buying Guide to figure out which sort of goggles best suit you and invest in a decent pair that can last you many a season. If you’re thinking about winging it with your sporty (or non-sporty) sunnies, we’d highly recommend you don’t. Sunglasses are much more likely to break on the slopes, and they just don’t offer the comfort or protection that goggles do.

Which Thermals Are Best for Skiing?

Generally, thermals are no longer a thing when it comes to skiing. Instead our technology has advanced (thank you, Gore Tex®) to a level where we no longer need thick old thermal fleeces that make us sweat like a pig on a hot day. SportPursuit has put together a great buying guide that explains the different layers you’ll need. Again, these investments are designed to last plenty of seasons, and you may find that your layers can be used across different sports too.

Choose Items That Are Unique to You

It’s easy to get wrapped up in looking a certain way, or trying to fit a certain image when you’re out skiing or doing any sport. True, many sports have a uniform, or specialist gear that makes us all look a bit samey-samey. But we rather love the variety of outfits that our customers don each year, which is a nice reflection of the variety of different customers that ski with us too! Whether you prefer a snazzy brands or practical pieces, we think you’ll find something ideal within the walls of SportPursuit.

Invest in Sustainable Sports Gear

We recently wrote about our carbon footprint and the impact we are having on the planet, particularly with travel emissions. Did you know that the fashion industry also has a mega impact on the environment too? One cotton t-shirt uses about 2700 gallons of water to make? Well, SportPursuit stocks brands that put sustainability, environmental protection, and human rights as a priority in their business visions. Companies like Arcteryx offer gorgeous items of clothing that are designed to last a lifetime. And if they don’t? Well, they’ll either try and fix it for you, or donate it to a charitable cause. You can pick up some great Arcteryx gear on the Sport Pursuit site, or browse hundreds of other brands.

What’s the Difference Between Snowboarding Gear and Skiing Gear?

Not sure which sport to choose or if there’s even a difference in the types of gear you’ll need? For a clearer picture, check out these two posts:

WeSki & SportPursuit: Partnerships with Punch

In a couple of months the winter ski season will be kicking off in Europe and we think you should be there. Last year we had some epic snowfall in-resort, and loads of our customers enjoyed a beautiful white Christmas and spent New Year’s day skiing too! We hope that our partnership with SportPursuit will help more people discover, or re-discover, their love for the mountain, the trees, the sport, and, of course, the après-ski too.

Choose your next ski trip with us, and save when you purchase your gear through SportPursuit.

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