The Best Val d’Isère Après-Ski Venues

Also known as party central, Val d’Isère never fails to disappoint. Every year, our in resort rep sends us videos on the daily of parties at La Folie Douce, or of some beers going down nicely on a sun terrace somewhere. If it’s not a relaxing afternoon bevvy outdoors that floats your boat, then there’s bars, restaurants, pubs, and clubs to be explored that we think you’ll love. Here are the best Val d’Isère après-ski venues that we think you should visit.

Le Bananas

These guys go heavy on the happy hour deals, which are on from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Enjoy some half-price beers, cocktails, and shots alongside some smashing nosh. The kitchen dishes up a fun and popular menu with Indian, Tex Mex, and Savoyarde meals to try.

Spend some time in the afternoon having a game of cards with your mates. If you fancy a go at backgammon, you can borrow a board from the bar. Doors open at 12pm and close at 1am. 

Blue Note

This bar is rather adorable. The music style and atmosphere reflect the name; everything is chilled, laid back, and friendly. Sink your beer whilst you relax into some seriously comfy seating. It’s the perfect place to swap stories about your day and then challenge a mate to some table football as a way to settle who had the better run.

Cafe Face

Whilst 50% of slope goers might name La Folie Douce as the major party venue, there’s also a strong camp in favour of Cafe Face taking that title. This pre-drinks spot has a history in Val d’Isère for delivering spectacular party vibes year-on-year. Doors open at 4pm and close at 2am. We recommend starting out at La Folie Douce and heading here so you can compare venues for yourself.


One to always deliver with the live music is Cocorico. Chill out in the afternoon with a refreshing pint, and then gear up for a tempo change at 6pm when the DJ starts to play. Expect nothing less than crowd-surfing, tap dancing on tables, a lot of laughter, and a great vibe.

Dicks Tea Bar 

This club continues to surpass itself year-on-year. It is now considered one the largest, and the best, nightclubs across the French Alps. Kicking off the jour with a full English breakfast service at 9am (God bless you, guys) you can then plop yourself by the bar for a midday pint. The restaurant closes around 11pm, and suddenly the nightclub comes alive. 

The venue remains open until 4am, slowly drawing in all the rambunctious party goers from neighbouring closing bars and clubs.

The Fall Line 

Another sports-come-music-come-bar venue is the Fall Line. Its a staple in Val d’Isère’s après-ski scene and you can knock out a game of pool or table football whilst enjoying a bevvy in a great atmosphere. Keep an eye out for quiz night which is always a good laugh, and if you fancy doing a bit of karaoke, there’ll be a night on for that too. Doors open at 3pm and shut at 1am.

La Folie Douce

You can literally ski into La Folie Douce in Val d’Isère as its positioned on the ski slope. The venue has a DJ, as standard, as well as a saxophonist, violinist, and drummer. There’s also a singer and a bunch of dancers and acrobatics performers. Staff join in whichever party theme is on for the evening, dressing up the nines and bringing a cracking atmosphere to the place.

Shake off any embarrassment or hesitation you may feel if it’s your first time here. Dancing on tables and raving out to Euro pop, techno, and electronic dance music is totally the norm here. Find La Folie Douce at the top of La Daille gondola. If you’ve had too much by closing, catch the gondola back down to the resort to spare yourself from a wipeout and a yard sale.

Le Graal 

We found the French chic decor to this place rather adorable. Its slightly shabby chic style adds to its character, and once you’re in and immersed in some Euro dance music, you’ll become too fixated with the disco floor lighting to really give a crap about the walls. Some nights are quieter and the energy can be slightly flat, but if Val d’Isère decides to bring the party to Le Graal you’ll be in for one of those unexpectedly epic nights.

The restaurant is open from 4pm to 11am. Following that, the club opens its doors at 11pm and closes around 4am. Take advantage of the minibus to get a free ride back to the town centre when you wanna get home.

The Moris Pub 

Ever had gravy flavoured vodka? We shuddered just then a bit too. Perhaps you can skip that one and just try some other flavours instead. Live music rocks the show from 5pm to 7pm and then is back on from 10:45pm to 1am. By then, the gravy flavour should have been washed away by something tasty off their menu. This place is a great spot for lunch and has a really nice vibe to it. The pub is actually named after the ‘Moris’ family, who helped establish Val d’Isère as a ski resort.

The Pacific Bar 

This sports bar knows how to crank up the volume on a good party. With six huge plasma screens, there’s always something sporty being shown in the background. Meanwhile, patrons will be bopping about dressed in whichever themed clothing is required of them that night. There’s a VIP lounge that sells extra fancy-pants drinks, but otherwise you’ll get by with the regular stuff sold behind the bar just fine. Doors open at 4pm and close around 1:30am.

Le Petit Danois

Loved by Scandanavian and British tourists alike, this restaurant bar makes a mean English breakfast, the perfect start to a late morning. Themed nights like ‘90s’ night always bring a great crowd and the dance floor is usually packed until closing at 1:30am.


If you’re a beginner on your first trip to Val d’Isère and have had a particularly rough morning, we suggest you head to the Saloon. The bar is located just at the bottom of the beginners slopes, so literally a minute’s walk, or waddle, from where you’ve spent the day face planting and stumbling about. You needn’t worry about your gear at this point; the Saloon has a free ski-park service. This means they’ll be someone watching your gear whilst you drown your sorrows or celebrate your successes on the slopes.

Music is performed by international bands, DJs, and singers, and the party runs through until 1:45am in the morning.


This Scandanavian run bar receives its initial onslaught of customers once the lifts close. It’s not surprising either; the food is renowned to be bloody delicious, and the cocktails are equally moreish. The style here is less about deafening music, and more about creating an atmosphere where you can actually chat to your neighbour without the ear-yelling so often required to communicate that you’re simply off to the loo.

The DJ is affectionately called ‘the Good Mood Manager’. Aww…we like that. Doors open at 3pm and close at 1am. We suggest getting there early so as not to avoid disappointment.

Take a Trip to Val d’Isère this Season

There are so many great places to visit on your next ski trip, but we think Val d’Isère should really be at the top of your list. It’s our favourite resort when it comes to a Christmas trip in the French Alps. It also offers incredible glacier skiing, and has some of the best ski runs in France.

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