Can Anyone Learn to Ski?

Yes, yes, yes. Anyone, at any age, can learn how to ski Or at least, they can have a go at learning how to ski. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a fun sport that anyone can try, no matter what their age. If you’re worried it’s too late to learn, don’t be. We’ve answered some common questions and given some tips for adult learners.

Why Should You Learn Now?

Maybe it’s something you’ve dreamed of doing since you were little. Maybe you love the snow, or the mountains, or the adventure. Skiing is a truly marvellous experience. It speaks to adrenaline junkies as much as it speaks to those looking for a relaxing escape. The point is; skiing is about what you make of it. Forget the images of people slices down the edge of a mountain or jumping backwards off a cliff. That doesn’t have to be you. Instead, go skiing for enjoyment of the feeling that the sport brings you. And then lose yourself in the good food, the change of scenery, the non-ski activities, and the mad party scene.

Can Adults Learn to Ski?

More and more adults are taking up skiing. So the answer to that question is yes. Whether or not an adult can ski depends on several factors. Confidence, physical health, desire to learn, and comfort and enjoyment on the slopes.


Like any sport, half of your skill comes from the belief that you can do it. With skiing, the more confidence, the better, as there are several unfamiliar things happening when you first set out skiing. Being comfortable and confident with taking a tumble the correct way is helpful. Additionally, if you’re scared of heights, don’t panic. Most resorts have beginner slopes close to the resort, so you’ll not be falling off a mountain anytime soon.

Physical Health

Skiing is an endurance sport. You don’t have to have the stamina of a raging bull, but having good physical health will put you ahead of the game when you arrive at the resort. Gentle exercises prior to your ski trip will help you improve your cardiovascular health. Similarly, stretching or yoga will assist you with the aches and pains that you will no doubt experience when you ski.

It goes without saying but we will say it anyway: if you have any injuries or ailments, seek professional medical advice before you book your ski trip.

Desire to Learn

Nothing ruins a vibe like someone who doesn’t want to be there, and no-one will put you off skiing more than yourself. We’ve all been there when a grumpy skier has hit day three and has had enough. Sure, taking a tumble can be annoying and even painful, but once you’ve mastered your balance and your snow plough, you’re good to go! Don’t give up.

Yes, it can be daunting, uncomfortable, awkward, and nerve-racking when you first get on skis, but you have to stay committed. Taking a couple of lessons will not be enough for you to really know if you like skiing or not.

Comfort and Enjoyment

Nothing hurts like a helmet with straps that are too tight. Or ski boots that are crushing your baby toes, or that pair of pants that keeps getting wedged in places. Comfort on the slopes is vital to you having a good time. Read about skiing gear, and prepare yourself with this checklist of what to bring on your first-ever ski trip.

Where Are the Best Places to Learn How to Ski?

We’ve already covered our favourite locations for beginners to learn how to ski. Read more about it here, and remember that you can easily find a resort that reflects your style, whether it’s adventure from the get-go or something quieter instead.

Can You Teach Yourself How to Ski?

Of course. It will take longer, and you may put yourself at higher risk of injury by practicing bad techniques, but its not completely unheard of to teach yourself.

If you want to teach yourself how to ski because you’re nervous to take lessons or worried they will cost a fortune, don’t panic. There are a whole range of different ski schools across the French Alps brimming with friendly, patient, calm, and caring instructors. We recently reviewed the ski schools in Val Thorens, and we loved discovering the unique quirks of each school. Ski schools, and their instructors, are full of character and bring a lot of fun into the lessons.

In terms of finances, yes skiing lessons can get expensive. Good hacks to reduce costs include:

  • Taking lessons in the UK before you head out;
  • Booking lessons in the resort way before the season starts;
  • Going skiing outside the high season, so that prices across the resort and ski schools will be generally lower; and
  • Using our WeSki trip builder to find insanely cheap ski trips, and get ski lessons added onto your trip too.

Can My Friend Teach Me How To Ski?

If you’re friend is an instructor, go for it. Otherwise, no matter how skilled they may be, your friend could do more harm than good to both your confidence and your technique. If you want to ski with your friends who are already pros on the mountain, then arrange lessons in the morning and meet-ups with your mates in the afternoon. They can stretch their legs on some easy blues, whilst you can focus on staying upright and not whizzing over the edge.

Are Private or Group Ski Lessons Better for Adult Learners?

Group ski lessons can be a hoot, and are perhaps better once you’re confident on your skis and just need practice linking your turns. Until then, go for intimate group sizes or private lessons. You’ll pick up the skills way quicker if you go for private lessons, but if you’re not fussed about learning things in the blink of an eye, save yourself some money and go for group lessons.

How Do I Book a Ski Trip?

You can now easily book a ski trip online. In just a few clicks, we’ll find the best ski trip for you, and you can share and book it on the spot! Visit WeSki to learn more about our trips, or to speak to someone about ski lessons.

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