Best Ski Runs in France to Try in 2019/2020

There are some great resorts in France that provide world-class holidays for snowboarders, beginners, and people who live for the gastronomy and the après. But sometimes, all you want to do is hit up a really nice run, and have a great time on your skis. We’ve picked out our favourite ski runs that you can find across the French Alps.

Best Black Runs

The Grande Motte in Tignes

With a vertical drop of 1329m, this black run starts out steep and then mellows out into a softer ride. Soak in the scenery as you whizz on through and make the most of the wide sprawling piste.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Aiguille Rouge in Les Arcs

Technically a black and red piste, this is a great ride for intermediates wanting to test their nerve and ski from summit to valley. We’ve already raved about this particular run. Running at least 7km long and starting out at an altitude of 3226m, you’ll make a 2km descent into the forested land of Villaroger.

The Sarenne in Alpe d’Huez

We couldn’t miss out the longest black run in Europe. La Sarenne offers up 16km, starting out at Pic Blanc at 3330m. You’ll descend 2200m, and although it’s not the toughest or most technical black that Alpe d’Huez has to offer, it’s a long, rewarding ride in its own right.

The Tunnel in Alpe d’Huez

Le Tunnel often receives far more praise and recognition that la Sarenne. This is because it’s much more difficult. With good conditions, a few turns in the powder will boost your confidence and should set you up for a great ride. On tougher days, the ice can turn the moguls into hellishly slippery calluses. Midway through the ride, you’ll discover the tunnel itself. Cross through the mountain and continue to work those moguls.

Sache in Tignes

Expect to hit mogul jungle on this ride. The terrain churns up a couple of different challenges, including some nice steep bits. You’ll be feeling a little battered by the end of it but the run will have been totally worth it.

Casserousse in Chamrousse

Not the most well-known of runs but most certainly worth a try is Casserousse. The variety of the run means that every single ride will be different and will throw up new challenges. The snow is quite reliable and there are plenty of chances to dive off-piste too.

La Face in Val d’Isère

Steep with a couple of chunky moguls, La Face puts anyone through their paces, and you’ll be feeling the burn as you descend. It can become icy in parts, but mostly has great snow coverage. Cosmiques Couloir in Chamonix

The couloir splits into three parts, so be wary when making this descent. Good weather can make the right an absolute dream, whereas bad weather leaves the run steep, dangerous, and not ideal for anyone who isn’t extremely experienced..

L’Aigle Noir in Morzine

Another mogul monster, this black isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing run, but its beauty lies in its unforgiving nature. Expect difficult sections and a steep ride.

Best Red Runs

OK in Val d’Isère

The OK is actually a World Cup downhill course. The course becomes a challenging red, starting off by the top of the Funival funicular. Zoom past La Folie Douce, down to La Daille. Ice is common when the run has been heavily used, so keep to the centre of the run.

Combe de la Saulire in Courchevel

Courchevel does well at keeping its pistes beautifully maintained. On an early morning, you’ll relish the feeling of cutting through freshly groomed corduroy. Once you’ve grappled with the steep start, the slope opens up under the Dent de Burgin and you’ll be skiing to infinity. Take in the views on this 3km run and make sure to clear off by the afternoon when the crowds descend. It’s a whole new ball game when that happens.

Grand Paradis in Avoriaz

For a peaceful and quiet red run, the Grand Paradis has got you covered. Think fresh snow, often a good smattering of powder, the occasional mountain goat, and pure silence.

Jerusalem in Méribel

Although it could be classed a challenging blue, the red nature of Jerusalem emerges one you’ve realised the possibilities that the piste throws up. The snow is almost always as good as it can be and this is a solid ride.

Skiing in Méribel
Photo by William Hope on Unsplash

Best Blue Runs

Grand Solliet in Sainte Foy

Use this bad boy blue to wrap up your day with a nice, easy, eye-pleasing ride. If you want to spice things up, you can dive on and off the piste as you head down, but honestly, zooming down it at the end of the day is a no brainer.

Cascades in Flaine

This 14km blue run is a nice ride to warm up or wind down with. The ride itself is relatively easy, although there are variations in the terrain to keep you on your toes. Aside from a few flat areas at the top that may for your to take a hike, this scenic route is absolutely on the to-do list.

Jandri Pistes in Les Deux Alpes

The Jandri pistes are a collection of brilliant blues, merged together in a network that now relies on the speedy Jandri Express. Take your pick and lose yourself in a surreal location.

Find Your Favourite Run In France This Season

There’s plenty more epic pistes that could be added to our list of best ski runs in France, but we figure this is a good start. We can’t wait for this season to start already so that we can get back out there and discover some more. If you’re thinking of booking your next ski trip, why not book with WeSki? We help you quickly build your own trip, with all the elements, all in one place. Discover more on the WeSki website.

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