How to Get to Avoriaz Resort

Beautiful Avoriaz is one of our favourite resorts. It is brilliant for snowboarders and hosts the Snowboxx Festival every year. If you’re planning on visiting Avoriaz next season and want to know your options for getting there, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the best ways to get to Chamonix, Tignes, and Val Thorens.

Best Way to Get to Avoriaz

Flying from England, your best bet is to head for Geneva which is the hub of the area. You can jump in a car or take a transfer which will take you the best part of two hours, or perhaps longer on public transport.

Other good options include landing at Chambéry, which is a little further afield that Geneva. Or, if you’re keen on taking the train, you have good options from London, Paris, and Lyon. 

How Long Is The Transfer From Geneva To Avoriaz?

On a good day, you’re looking at a one and a half hour drive. That means clear roads, clear skies, and dry weather. On a typical day in the season, traffic plus snow can add on another hour and a half easily. The distance is about 100km and you should expect tolls and road taxes of around €50.

When returning from Avoriaz to Geneva definitely allow a few additional hours of time that you can kill at the airport. Better that than sweating it out in a traffic jam with only a few hours to go before boarding.

Where Do You Fly Into For Avoriaz?

Avoriaz has several airports nearby. They are: 

  • Annecy (2 hours)
  • Berne (2.5 hours)
  • Chambéry (2 hours)
  • Geneva (1.5 hours)
  • Grenoble (2.5 hours)
  • Lyon Bron (3 hours)
  • Lyon St-Exupéry (3 hours)
  • Sion (1.5 hours)

Private Transfers to Avoriaz

There are several transfer operators that can whisk you to the resort and back. Try MorzExpress or Alpybs for Geneva to Avoriaz transfers.

Driving to Avoriaz

If you rent a car to come to Avoriaz, remember that the resort is car-free. Fees for car parking are about €15 a day. When you arrive, you can use a luggage sled or horse and cart to get your luggage to your accommodation.

Watch out for road taxes and tolls, plus don’t forget to calculate the cost for fuel. We recommend using Michelin’s journey planner because it does all that for your.

Aéroport de Annecy-Meythet, France

Driving from Aéroport de Annecy-Meythet, there are three possible routes, and the cost of the two hour drive is estimated to range between €15 and €55.

Aéroport Bern-Belp, Switzerland

From Aéroport Bern-Belp, choose from 3 routes, with journey costs at around €50. 

Aéroport de Chambéry-Aix, France

From Chambéry-Aix to Avoriaz is about two hours and €20 for the journey. There are three possible routes to choose from.

Aéroport Genève, France and Switzerland

Driving from Geneva you can choose from three different routes. Expect tolls and fuel to come to around €50. Geneva is one of the closest airports to Avoriaz.

Aéroport de Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs, France

Grenoble to Avoriaz is a good two and a half hours journey depending on your route. There are three different routes to choose from, with costs of between €30 to €50.

Aéroport de Lyon-Bron, France

Lyon to the resort is about three hours. Choose from three different routes, with journey costs of around €40.

Aéroport de Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, France

Tolls, fuel, and taxes are around €40 for whichever route you choose to get to Avoriaz from Lyon St-Exupéry

Aéroport Sion, Switzerland

Sion to Avoriaz is the same distance as Geneva to Avoriaz. However, Sion may not be your best bet because it is the journey time can take three to four hours. If you do choose to drive from Sion check out your routes in advance and expect tolls, fuel, and road taxes to cost at least €50.

Coming by Train to Avoriaz

Trains might seem a little tedious but they are the more eco-friendly option, and the views can be quite worth the trip alone. Plus additional charges for baggage on flights are avoided although if you don’t have an easy system for transporting your gear, the extra £100 to fly may well be worth it.

The train stations that are closest to Avoriaz are Cluses and Thonon-les-bains. They are about an hours drive from the resort.

Take the Eurostar from London or Kent to get into Paris, and then take the TGV train. It will transport you via Bellegarde in Switzerland, before arriving at Cluses. The journey is around seven and a half hours. You can also take a train from Paris to get to Cluses. The Eurostar or TGV serve the station. The journey is about four and a half hours from Paris.

For Thonon-les-bains, take a train from Paris to Bellegarde and change there. There are regular bus services from Cluses and Thonon. There is also the possibility of booking private or shared transfers.

Buses to Avoriaz Resort

The largest bus station closest to Avoriaz is the Gare Routiere in the centre of Geneva, some three hours away. There are regular services that pass through Cluses and Thonon-les-bains train stations. Ride times vary, and delays should be expected in cases of bad weather.

You should look for a bus that has a destination of Avoriaz Station, as this will deliver you at the Prodains Cable Car. You can then get into the resort via the cable car without driving up the hill. Tickets are available at the base of the cable car.

Visit Avoriaz This Season

Avoriaz is a truly cracking resort, with a lot of great features to offer. We particularly love the Lil’Stash Snowboarding park, where you can see kiddies as young as three learn how to shred. Adorable. If you’re planning a ski or snowboard trip this season, bookings have already begun. You can head to the WeSki website to learn more about our trips and create your own.

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