How to Get to Chamonix Mont Blanc Resort

There are several different ways to get to Chamonix. From flights, transfers, buses, trains, and good old rental cars, here are the different options for your perusal. Some prices have been included where we could find them, but – as we keep finding out – these are subject to change.

Flying to Chamonix

If you’re thinking of flying in to France or the surrounding countries first (good shout), here are your main options. The nearest airports to Chamonix are:

  • Chambéry
  • Geneva
  • Grenoble
  • Lyon
  • Zurich

From Chambéry to Chamonix

By Car

Driving from Chambéry, you have three routes you can take. All three routes are approximately the same distance 80 to 90 miles (130 to 150km), but the journey times do vary. Check your routes and also the toll costs, which are between €4 and €11.30 depending on the route you choose.

How To Get To Chamonix From Geneva Airport

By Car

Expect just over an hour drive of 60 miles (100km), although you should allow more time for traffic and potentially poor weather conditions. There will be toll and road tax costs of about €40 combined. All in all, however, this trip is set to be a good drive; quick and relatively straightforward.

By Shuttle

Book with Mountain Drop Offs or Chamonix First, or compare prices using to find the best value door to door transfers.

By Bus

Try AlpyBus, Get By Bus, OuiBus, Omio and FlixBus for your different options. Prices seem to start from around €9 one way.

From Grenoble Alpes-Isère Airport to Chamonix

By Car

You have two routes to choose from when coming from Grenoble airport. Both are around the same distance of 125 to 135 miles (200 to 215km) and both incur tolls of around €12 to €17. Our recommendation is to choose the route once you arrive as you can double check traffic and road conditions before setting off.

By Shuttle

Alps 2 Alps offer shuttle services, as do Sun Transfers and J2Ski. Prices are dependent on group size, time of travel, and group requirements.

By Bus

We could only really find OuiBus for €30. Get by Bus also offers €32 to €42 single trips. Otherwise it’s private transfers all the way!

Getting from Lyon To Chamonix

By Car

If you’re travelling from Aéroport de Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, you have three route options. All routes are about 135 to 145 miles (215 to 230km) long. Be careful though; if you travel via the A43 and the A430, expect a travel time of at least three and a half hours, which is an hour more than the other routes. The longer route has a cheaper toll of €17, compared to the €23 for the other routes. We suggest you check the different routes as and when you land in Lyon.

By Shuttle

For private shuttles, we like the look of daytrip which promises a two hour transfer time from €61 per seat. Additionally try Get Transfer, or go with Shuttle Direct, who allow you to search and compare more options.

By Bus

OuiBus offer tickets from €18 one way and Omio allow you to compare bus and train ticket prices.

How To Get To Chamonix From Paris

By Car

Driving from Charles de Gaulle airport is at least a six hour affair, with tolls and road tax that will set you back between €30 and €70 depending on the journey. Calculate your costs, including fuel, more efficiently using Michelin’s smart planner.

By Bus

Believe it or not, we’ve had customers at WeSki ask about bus routes from Paris to Mont Blanc. We don’t mean to sound dismissive or rude, but initially it was a bit of a surprise. However, when you look at it, snoozing on a bus for 12 hours at the price of €40 doesn’t actually sound so bad. Especially when you compare it to all the other transfer options. Check out Omio, Bus Bud, and FlixBus for prices.

How to get from Zurich To Chamonix

By Car

There are three possible routes if you choose to drive from Zurich airport.

  1. Via the A1 for 185 miles (300km). Journey time is three and a half hours and road tax is about €30.
  2. If you come via the A1 and A40, your journey time is four hours covering 220 miles (360km). Expect road taxes of €37 and €6 toll.
  3. Finally, for a real beast of a journey, head via the A4 and the A2 for six hours (atleast) of driving. That being said, you’ll only cover 200 miles (330km) and your road tax will be about €37.

By Shuttle

Check out Sun Transfers for private shuttles direct from Zurich to the resort or request a quote from Find Transfers.

Getting to Chamonix by Train

Does Chamonix Have a Train Station?

Yes! Chamonix’s train station is called Chamonix Mont Blanc. You can get to the resort from several different stations. Book tickets with Trainline or SNCF.

Be wary that you’ll be dragging luggage around so avoiding the train is probably a good call. If you do fancy a day out to Annecy or want to pop over to St Gervais les Bains, the train is great option.

Chambéry Airport

Head via Annecy and then St-Gervais-les-Bains—Le Fayet before arriving at the resort station. There are more direct routes available and prices start from around £35. Expect at least a four or five hour journey.

Geneva Airport

Catch a train to Genève Cornavin and then Bellegarde-sur-Valserine before arriving at the Chamonix station. Prices start from £30 and you will need to hop down the road to Cornavin station which is about a seven minute train ride away. The journey will be between three and a half to four and a half hours, depending on transfer times.


You can choose to head via Annecy and then St-Gervais-les-Bains—Le Fayet. Another option is to travel via Bellegarde-sur-Valserine and then St-Gervais-les-Bains—Le Fayet. After five or six hours of journey time, you’ll arrive at the resort station. The train fare will set you back by about £40.


The station at Lyon is called Lyon St-Exupéry TGV. You have to take the train via Grenoble. You then head to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine before arriving at the resort station. Be wary with this route as trains seem less frequent. Prices start from £50 for a one way ticket. Be wary as you’re looking at at least eight hours of journey time.

Paris Gare du Nord

From Paris Gare du Nord take the train via Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. Then you’ll head to St-Gervais-les-Bains—Le Fayet before heading on to Chamonix resort station. The journey costs about £100 and will take around six hours. Alternatively, head via Bellegarde-sur-Valserine for a slightly shorter journey. The cost is about the same.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

From Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle head to Lyon Part-Dieu St-Gervais-les-Bains—Le Fayet. The journey is about eight hours and will cost around £120.

Driving to Chamonix

There are three main routes into Chamonix. You can come from:

  • Aosta in Northern Italy via the Mont Blanc Tunnel;
  • across the Alps via Martigny in Switzerland; and
  • Geneva via the Autoroute Blance.

From Italy

Travel 60km from Aosta for about an hour, but allow longer for snowy conditions. You’re looking at €58 worth of tolls each way, (check toll prices using Michelin’s travel planner). You’ll be blown away by the Mont Blanc Tunnel which was built literally underneath the Alps from France to Italy. Built in the 1960s, you’re in for seven-and-a-bit miles of under-mountain passage time. Kinda cool. You’ll emerge on the French side right next to the resort. On the Italian side, there’s an Italian ski resort, Courmayeur, which is situated on the South side of the Alps, and well worth the visit.

From Switzerland

Starting from Martigny, you’ll face no toll roads and be at the resort in under an hour, according to Michelin. We’re less convinced it will be that quick; snowy conditions can easily double your drive time. Allow ample time to amble up the roads.

The distance is about 25 miles (40km), and you’ll have gorgeous scenery for the entire ride. The drive will take you up mountain roads that curve around and cut into the mountain face. At the top, you’ll reach Vallocine before then heading down into the Chamonix Valley. You’ll arrive at the resort quite quickly.

From Geneva

From Aéroport Genève, you’re looking at at least an hour journey. Allow more time for city traffic and icy road conditions. The distance is about 50 miles (86km) and along the way you will have to pay a €6 toll and €36.50 road tax. Plan your route with Michelin to figure out your cost of travel.

You’ll be sat on a motorway called the Autoroute Blanche. Make sure you join the motorway by leaving the airport out the Swiss side. Otherwise, you’ll have to do a few laps of Geneva before heading out, adding time to your journey.

Parking at Chamonix

Car parking is limited at the resort and is dependent on availability. It is best to enquire with your hosts if they are able to provide on-site car parking.  There are public car parking stations but these are costly and availability is not guaranteed.

What is the Quickest Way To Chamonix?

This depends entirely on where you’re coming from and the date that you’re travelling. For example, by car from Geneva is usually the best option, but think twice if you’re coming over during the French or UK school holidays.

It also depends if you include the time it takes to figure out your journey. Something that’s really starting to cheese us off is the requirement of the rental companies knowing your flight times. It obviously makes total sense, and we don’t actually have a problem with the rental companies themselves, We’re finding it such a hassle entering in the information a zillion times. Plus, who says we’ve even booked any flights yet?

At this point we should probably mention, that this investigation was actually the second attempt by our content team to see if we could find a quick and easy way to get to a resort. Check out our post on How to Get to Tignes, where the options are equally endless.

So, we’ve been chewing through the options for getting to Chamonix for a while now and we’re confident it’s so much quicker and far less stressful if you just let the tech do it for you.

Booking Made Simple with WeSki

When you choose to ski in Chamonix with WeSki, you get to do all of your planning and booking for your entire trip in one place. So, you choose your preferred airport of departure from 26 regional airports that are available. Next, choose your dates and group size. We then calculate the quickest and cheapest way for you to get to Chamonix. Flights, transfers, rental cars, the lot. Could it be any easier? Well, probably according to our dev team who are constantly trying to optimise things, but for the sake of this argument no!

Have a go at creating your own trip to Chamonix for the 2019/2020 season and see what beauties you can find.

WeSki is a travel platform that allows you to build, book, and share your ski and snowboard trips quickly and easily. Bookings for the 2019/2020 season are now open.

Travelling to Chamonix

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