La Folie Douce: The Best Party Venue in 2019/2020

This establishment is a chain of truly epic bars that boast some of the best après-ski vibes in France. Their parties involve a lot of fancy dress, great headline acts, beer, and general madness. La Folie Douce translates to ‘sweet madness’, so they really do live up to their name.

What started as a five-person team run by Luc Reversade and his mother ‘Momone’ in 1981, has now grown into a 400-person strong, well-established community of entertainment, music, food, and lodging. Reversade envisioned an open-air club in mountain-top locations, top-draw music and dance, to be enjoyed by a crowd fuelled by family food. Momone ran the ovens, her son ran front of house, and the public came running.

Since then, La Folie Douce has expanded into hotels too. It recently opened its first luxury hotel in Chamonix, which, of course, hasn’t skimped on the après-ski party vibes.

Where Can I Find A Folie Douce Party?

Visit La Folie Douce at any one of the following locations:

  1. Val D’Isère (and Tignes)
  2. Méribel (and Courchevel)
  3. Morzine (and Avoriaz)
  4. Val Thorens
  5. Alpe D’Huez
  6. Saint Gervais (and Megève)
  7. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
  8. Deauville (Normandy)

A History of La Folie: Introducing Luc Reversade & ‘Momone’

With roots dating back to 1969, La Folie Douce really took off in 2000 when Luc Reversade wanted to bring the open-air beach bars of Ibiza to the mountainside. La Buvette du Lapin, Reversade’s first establishment was a hit, and a successful chain was born. Known shorthand as LFD, this establishment has grown to operate across 8 locations in France, most recently opening a luxury hotel in Chamonix.

The basic concept behind La Folie Douce is creating a party space in the great outdoors that appeals to all. If you’re familiar with Ibiza, simply swap the sand for snow, and you’ve got the concept. The open-to-all party vibes are reflected in the wide variety of entertainment that the place provides, from hard-core high-altitude clubbing, through to great food and wine, to dancers, fancy-dress days, and DJs.

LFD professes to place quality of service and customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. In our opinion, they do not disappoint: fabulous parties, excellent cuisine, and all with a focus on enjoying the stunning locations in which La Folie spots can be found.

Eat and Drink at LFD with Chef Frank Mischler

For some, it’s the cuisine that makes La Folie Douce one of the best establishments to visit. The Executive Head Chef is one Mr Frank Mischler. Chef Mischler’s portfolio is quite impressive, with a good run of Michelin starred restaurants under his belt including Le Ritz, Carré des Feuillants in Paris, Emile Jung’s Au Crocodile, and Le Buerehiesel, in Strasbourg, the Martinez in Cannes, and Patin d’Or in Luxembourg. His name is also firmly attached to the evolution of the Cheval Blanc in Lembach, now a 2-Michelin star luxury establishment. As well as extensive experience in European kitchens, he has worked on the opening of eateries around the world. Locations include Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, Croatia, and Mexico.

Chef Mischler has previously worked alongside some pretty big names too, such as Alain Dutournier, Michel Behring, and Christian Willer to name a few. He has held the title of Executive Head Chef for the past five years, and oversees all of the cuisine across the eight locations. Most recently, he runs operations from the newly opened hotel in Chamonix.

Chef Mischler’s style is said to be innovative, constantly changing, and remarkably creative. Each year, he works with notable Michelin-starred chefs and his team of resident chefs at the different LFD restaurants to develop and implement fantastic new menus. He is famed for bringing modern and exciting new twists to traditional foods.

La Fruitière Restaurants

Discover Chef Mischler’s gorgeous menu at any one of the La Fruitière restaurants, where special cellars help mature locally sourced cheeses and store fabulous French wines.

Call to book your reservation:

  • Val d’Isère: +33 479 060 717
  • Val Thorens: + 33 479 000 427
  • Méribel/Courchevel: +33 479 005 831
  • L’Alpe d’Huez: +33 476 803 236
  • St Gervais/Megève: +33 450 589 967
  • Avoriaz: +33 000 000 000

La Petite Cuisine

For something more ‘on-the-go’ try La Petite Cuisine, a self-service bistro that the venue offers at their mountain-top locations. Discover La Petite Cuisine:

  • Val D’Isère Tignes (Open 12pm to 3pm)
  • Meribel Courchevel (Open 11:30am to 3:30pm)
  • Morzine Avoriaz (Open 11:30am to 3pm)
  • Val Thorens (Open 12am to 3pm)
  • Alpe D’Huez (Open 11:30 to 3pm)
  • Saint Gervais Megève (Open 11:30am to 3:30pm)

Sur Le Pouce

Don’t have time for self-service? Need a two-minute finger-licking pitstop before you head off again? Sur Le Pouce, which literally translates to ‘on the run’, has got you covered. Here are the options that La Folie Douce has on offer:

  • Traditional Kiosk in Saint-Gervais-Megève
  • Folie Food Rat Rack in Val Thorens
  • Traditional Kiosk in Meribel-Courchevel
  • Butcher Shop in Val d’Isère-Tignes
  • Traditional Kiosk in L’Alpe d’Huez

La Folie Douce Val D’Isère Tignes

Opened in 1980, La Folie Douce Val d’Isère has been rocking the mountain with world-famous entertainment and frankly out-of-this-world parties. Head to the top of the Daille cable car to join the madness.

The restaurant-bar-club venue in Val d’Isère Tignes consistently offers excellent live music, supported by fantastically dressed dancers and cheery service staff. Starting with a midday kick-off, expect a mixture of cabaret chaos, strategically situated mini-stages, and street theatre performances. At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the entire location will erupt into a mountain-side club. We suggest you stick around, as the party just keeps getting better.

As the night descends, expect light shows, large screen projections, a variety of singers and DJs, and a packed venue of excitable individuals dressed in all manner of après-ski kit.

If at any point you fancy some nosh, there will always be something at hand. For a quick bite, check out The Butcher Shop, only available at La Folie in Val d’Isère, or hit up La Petite Cuisine for a retro twist on self-service canteen eating. The Butcher Shop offers up burgers, paninis, crêpes, sandwiches, and hot dogs whilst La Petite Cuisine offers a wider variety of gourmet food with traditional touches in a more informal setting.

For a full on dining experience, hit up La Fruitière and discover truly divine nosh. Otherwise, dive into La Cave to gorge yourself on wine and cheese for a few hours.

When to Visit LFD in Val D’Isère & Tignes

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

As the place opens at 9am, you can start your day off with a coffee to help kick your hangover, then head back post slope-sesh for more. The place closes at 5pm, so don’t miss out!

Find your boogie at the LFD Val d’Isère Tignes at La Daille Gondola 73150 Val d’Isère. Call +33 4 79 06 21 08 for more information. Calling to reserve for La Fruitière is also highly recommended: +33 479 060 717.

La Folie Douce Méribel Courchevel

La Folie Douce Méribel-Courchevel threw its doors open in 2012 and has been as popular as its sister bars ever since. Once again, this LFD hotspot is perched on a piste. Find it at the mid station of the Saulire cable car and finish off your skiing and snowboarding with a boogie, or booze-up. Perhaps Ibiza on a mountain side doesn’t quite appeal to all. We have to insist however, the outdoor vibe, gorgeous views, and great food offer an altogether better-than-Ibiza experience.

Expect the sun to absolutely beam down (so pack that SPF50 guys). Meanwhile, to combat sub-zero temperatures, the bars are fitted with special equipment to keep everything at the right degree. If you’re dancing (on the dance floor, on the tables, on the sofas), expect to strip off your layers after a couple of moves as the place gets warm. Fancy something less energetic? Snuggle up under blankets and duvets laid out over the plush outdoor sofas and get chatting and chilling.

The music, be it live or DJ produced, becomes more energetic and lively as the day progresses. So, if you’re in for an early morning coffee, you needn’t fear an electric violin screeching out a Mozart-Madonna mix as you try to sip your cappuccino.

Speaking of food, nosh out at La Fruitière for some fancy-pants gourmet grub, or swing by La Petite Cuisine for great food presented in a canteen-style restaurant. There is also a traditional kiosk for your ski-thru meal options.

When to Visit La Folie in Méribel & Courchevel

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

The place opens up at 10am and runs through until 5pm. The après-ski chaos kicks off around 3pm, so vacate by then if you’re only looking for a quiet meal.

Call 33 (0) 479 005 831 for more information. Already sold? Head to Intermédiaire 1 Saulire Express 73550 in Méribel when the next seasons starts.

La Folie Douce Morzine Avoriaz

Only a couple of months old, La Folie Douce Morzine-Avoriaz takes after its siblings with cracking reviews thus far.

The restaurants and bars are located in a newly constructed building. There’s a gorgeous terrace and slick interiors with a timeless look. Positioned right next to the entrance of the resort, LFD is open from 8am to midnight. As the resort is car-free, you can expect heavy footfall and a great vibe throughout the day.

Well, for their closing party, these guys went all out. The party was an Alice in Wonderland themed event. Alice (the DJ) casually parachuted into the party out of a helicopter whilst mad-hatter themed dancers bounced and jigged around. Food seemed to be constantly pouring out of the kitchen, and we’re not talking a few measly chips and some stringy steak. Instead, think oysters, extravagant desserts, and beautifully prepared courses. There were smoke flares, bouncy balls, and at one point about 100 noodles (the swimming pool kind) were distributed. What were their purpose? Who knows? Who cares? It was a mad-hatters après-ski party after all.

Still not quite sure what all the hype is about? Check out their video of the closing season event, or have a look at their WTF Party.

When to Visit the Madness in Morzine & Avoriaz

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

For food, hit up La Petite Cuisine from 11:30am to 3pm to sink your teeth into self-service gourmet. La Fruitière offers fine dining lunches and some cracking après-ski parties between 2pm and 6:30pm everyday. Fancy sticking around for dinner? Served from 7pm, expect gorgeous and quirky twists on traditional recipes and all around fantastic wine.

Thinking of visiting? Head to 560a Rte De L’alpage 74110 Avoriaz or call +33 450 740 130 for more info. Remember, it’s only open during the winter season!

La Folie Douce Val Thorens

Bursting onto the scene 10 years ago, La Folie Douce Val Thorens has made a real name for itself. Literally placed underneath a ski lift line, this LFD is in prime location for a serious party on the piste. We’ve actually already reviewed the après-ski options in Val Thorens, and no surprise, La Folie is on there.

Sat at 2600m, you’re probably not far off being on one of the highest dance floors in the world. It’s also situated on the East side of the slopes, meaning great sun late into the evening. On good days you’ve got clear skies, baking sun, and blasting tunes. On less clear days you’ve got a party on a mountain, so stop complaining. But seriously, if things get chilly, dive under the blankets and duvets on the sofas and top up your glass.

Live music pumps out from 2pm until 7pm. Expect tunes that boast house, electronic, UK garage genres. You’ll also encounter a ton of feathers, body glitter, funky outfits, champagne showers, and mad dance moves. We love the 2018 closing season video; it captures the vibe beautifully and has us hooked for next season.

Hungry? La Fruitière steps up again with gorgeous nosh, as does La Petite Cuisine for great food done quick and dirty. Our favourite food station is situated almost literally on piste. Enter the Folie Food Rat Rack. This is, quite possibly, the coolest take we’ve ever seen on a food truck. The Rat Rack is essentially a food trailer plonked onto the back of a snow groomer. And it looks hot sh*t. Introduced in 2016, it’s been a total hit, obviously. And of course, the food is directed by Chef Frank Mischler, so you can expect one of the tastiest burgers around.

When to Visit La Folie Douce in Val Thorens

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

Visit LFD in Val Thorens at Ts Les Pionniers – Ts Plein Sud, 73440. Its open from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Call +33 479 000 427 to reserve a table at La Fruitière or +33 649 767 082 to reserve a VIP package.

La Folie Douce Alpe D’Huez

The fourth bar to open in the La Folie Douce family, La Folie Douce in L’Alpe d’Huez brought about a new energy to the resort upon its opening.

Discover the usual delectable delights that La Fruitière has to offer. The menu changes every year but the staples of cheese, wine, and meat, are always there is some form. Have a cheeky look at the menu from this season just gone. La Petite Cuisine is also on standby for less formal food stops. The bar also offers up V.I.P. packages that gives customers extra special service, a private partying zone, and bucket loads of booze.

As you descend down the piste, you can hear the melodic tones of the DJ booth drifting up the mountain. Zoom on into the place to enjoy fresh brasserie and a good boogie, something that perhaps only LFD can really offer in L’Alpe d’Huez. Even if you’re not committed for an afternoon party, the live brass tunes bouncing around the resort will undoubtedly draw you in.

When to Visit LFD in L’Alpe D’Huez

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

Find this hotspot in L’Alpe d’Huez at Télésiège Marmotte 38750. The club and bars will be opne from 9am through to 4:30pm. La Petite Cuisine and La Fruitière usually open around midday and close by 3pm.

Call the team on +33 476 803 236 for more information. To book a VIP package call +33 (0)6 73 56 62 39.

La Folie Douce Saint Gervais Megève

Another example of huge success for the party providers is La Folie Douce in Saint Gervais-Megève. This quaint little ski village has benefitted from the addition of the madness. Skiers and snowboarders no longer head to La Folies elsewhere. People can enjoy morning coffees, energising lunches, and afternoon dance-offs. This party house truly opens its doors to all and is definitely worth the visit.

For lunch, hit up La Fruitière between 12pm and 3pm. Alternatively, grab a burger, tartiflette, soup, or salad at La Petite Cuisine open between 11:30am and 3:30pm.

Everyday from 2:30pm, enjoy club house music come rain, snow, or shine. The resident artists put on a cracking show. We love the talented Solene on the violin and skilful Romain Clarke on the decks. For a VIP party experience, call +33 (0)4 50 58 99 67 or email

When to Visit La Folie in Saint Gervais & Megève

This location only opens during the winter season, approximately from December through to April.

Find La Folie Douce in Saint Gervais at Sommet Du Télésiège Mont-joux 74170 and call  +33 450 589 967 for more information. Doors open at 9am. Remember! This La Folie Douce is positioned halfway up the mountain. You still need to make it home when the doors close at 4:30pm.

La Folie Douce Chamonix Mont-Blanc

La Folie Douce in Chamonix Mont Blanc is unlike any of its sister establishments. Its primary draw is its luxury hotel and rather fancy looking hostel. Since it’s recent renovation from an old Club Med residence, guests regularly dish out largely positive reviews. Sure, some aspects of the hotel have yet to be fully optimised, nevertheless, the rooms, the views, and the jovial atmosphere are proving a hit with guests.

It seems that the spa and pool areas are still undergoing improvements and are not quite up to the spectacular standard of luxury that guests can experience in their rooms. In all honesty, we think this will improve and isn’t the biggest drawback going. This is because we love that the atmosphere in the hotel is typical for La Folie Douce; fun and friendly, and ready to party.

If you’re at all concerned that you won’t find music and dancing in this hotel, fear not. Throughout summer and winter, enjoy daily après-ski parties. There is also a luxurious cocktail club that is seriously worth the visit. Le Janssen Cocktail Club is open from 10am through to 1am.

The hotel also offers its own range of ski passes at a seemingly decent rate of 39 euros covering a host of regions. There is also a Mountain Pro Shop with some swanky equipment available in partnership with legendary freeride company Black Crow. Finally, jump on board with the lessons or guided tours; the hotel offers 12 qualified instructors in partnership with ESF. These guys make up La Folie Ride Team and offer ski tours such as ‘Experimental Country Ski’ that introduces ski touring, and ‘Grands Montets Forever’. We can guess that both tours involve stunning views, great ski, and a fab day in the mountains.

When to Visit La Folie Douce Hotel in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

This hotel is open year round and celebrates the summer as much as it does the winter.

Visit La Folie Douce Chamonix Hotel website to discover more or book your stay online. The hotel is located at 823, Allée Recteur Payot, 74400, Chamonix in France. Call +33 (0)4 50 55 10 00 for more information or email

La Folie Douce Deauville

Although not a mountain-side resort, La Folie Douce Deauville, couldn’t be missed off this list. Facing the British Channel and set on a glorious sunny beach this establishment offers a restaurant, clubbing, private functions, and great bars.

Created in collaboration with Barrière Group, this place offers up great tunes and snazzy internal decor, with exposed beams, fires, and a welcoming atmosphere.

During the summer, guests can enjoy Deauville beach. On the sand, you can party amongst the sun beds and devour the fab food. The menu boasts fresh fish planchas, meat dishes, and some great salads. On days where mother nature is a bit finicky, sit out on the covered veranda to enjoy the view in warmer spaces.

When to Visit Beach-side LFD Deauville in Normandy

La Folie Douce Deauville is open year round and can be found at 1 Avenue De La Terrasse, 14800 Tourgéville, and enquiries can be made on +33(0) 231 986 558 or via an online form.

When Are You Visiting Our Favourite Mad Montain Venue?

So, there you have it, six mountain-top bars, one glorious hotel, one beach-side bar, and a lot of fabulous après-ski options. The WeSki reps are often to be found in La Folie Douce just, you know, making sure that WeSki trippers are having a good time.

If you fancy a cheeky weekend of après-ski, you can book for the 2019/2020 season now via the WeSki website. See you there!

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