How to Get to Tignes Resort

How do you get to Tignes? We’ve thrown together a quick overview of your options. Brace yourselves, there are many. The prices we’ve quoted have been lifted from the official sites at the time of writing this article, although please note that prices are known to fluctuate.

This blog post started out as a bit of a dare, to see how many options we could find for transfers just for Tignes. Well, after many hours of mind-numbing research, we’ve all agreed we’d much rather a computer just put the whole trip together and left us alone.

This is one of the things that WeSki does so brilliantly (if we do say so ourselves). When you book with WeSki, you choose your preferred resort, dates, and airport of departure. Then, we show you your best options and you choose your favourite. Easy. So the fiddly bits become a whole lot less fiddly.

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Flights to Tignes

If you’re thinking of flying, there are a ton of options for you. Be wary though; like most resorts, Tignes doesn’t have its own airport, so don’t think you’ll be landing on top of the mountain. Most resorts have special transfer buses or taxis on hand to get you to your door. You can also rent your own car.

What Is The Closest Airport To Tignes?

There aren’t really any super close airports next to Tignes. You’re looking at at least a few hours drive away. So, where do you fly into for Tignes?

Now, usually, we use Skyscanner and also often give Adioso a go when searching for cheap flights. When we book trips for WeSki customers, we have our own flight search that filters out the best value flights that fit nicely with your preferred transfers and travel dates. Try searching for your trip now.

Travelling from Chambéry to Tignes

By Car

You’re looking at around two hours in the car, an hour forty if you’re lucky, which will cost about £15-20 in fuel. We suggest you use Michelin’s insanely smart trip planner to calculate fuel and toll costs.

By Train to Bourg-Saint-Maurice

You can also take a two hour train to Bourg-Saint-Maurice for about £20. Book online at either the or SNCF.

At Bourg-Saint-Maurice, you can take a bus that departs every four hours at a cost of around £12. The bus ride is only an hour, but if timings get messed up you could be waiting a lot longer, so double check before you make plans and leave time to transfer between the train and the bus. Altibus seems to be the only company running services between Bourg St-Maurice and Tignes. Check out their timetable for the 2018/2019 season here to give you a feel for transfer times and routes.

A taxi will take about 40 minutes and will set you back between £40 and £90, depending on group size and time of journey. Check out All Mountain Taxis, Aarthur Taxis, Arcs Taxis, Snow Taxi, Taxi L’Vie, and Jack Celair Taxis for more details and to book.

By Train to Landry

You can take a train to Landry, which is a bit of a shorter journey than to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, yet still costs around £20. Bus services are run by FlixBus, OUIBUS, Eurolines France, Altibus. Tickets will be between £5 and £15 depending on the carrier and time of the season.

Again, taxis are an option, although will be more expensive. Visit All Mountain Taxis, Aarthur Taxis, Arcs Taxis, Snow Taxi, Taxi L’Vie, and Jack Celair Taxis for the latest prices.

Travelling from Geneva to Tignes

Geneva to Tignes Transfer

The Geneva to Tignes transfer time is around three hours. For a quick and simple journey where your driver takes you direct to your door, GVA Transfers offers a top class service, as does Mountain Rescue Transfers.

Bus from Geneva to Tignes

Public transfers via bus are also available and Altibus offers a transfer from Geneva to Tignes Le Lac, as well as Tignes 1800, Tignes les Brévières and Tignes Val Claret. Rates for Altibus are around £80 return. Altibus’s timetable from the 2018/2019 season give you an indication of timings and route.

If you prefer Ben’s Bus, you can also get a return transfer from around £75pp when travelling in a group, or £87pp without a group discount.

Check prices using, and also investigate your options with AlpyBus which do private and public transfers.

Travelling from Grenoble to Tignes

FYI, Grenoble airport is officially called Alpes–Isère Airport, so if you ever come across that name or get a bit confused, don’t worry, we’ve also stumbled with that one.

How Long Is the Transfer from Grenoble to Tignes?

Getting to Grenoble via car will take you about three hours. Expect public transfers to be longer. There are trains, buses, and private transfers (taxis) available too.

By Train to Landry

Book with Trainline, Virail, or OUI, run by SNCF. Single fares are currently starting at around £24pp. Once you arrive at Landry, take either a bus or taxi to Tignes.

Choose between FlixBus, OUIBUS, Eurolines France, Altibus and expect tickets to be around £10.

For taxis, check out All Mountain Taxis, Aarthur Taxis, Arcs Taxis, Snow Taxi, Taxi L’Vie, and Jack Celair Taxis, and expect fares to be considerably higher; £40 and up.

By Bus Direct to Tignes

Ben’s Bus does Grenoble to Tignes direct return for around £85pp. Prices decrease with group discounts. Note that this bus route only runs on Saturdays.

How Long is the Transfer from Lyon to Tignes?

You can expect around a three hour transfer time for this journey if driving yourself, or up to four hours if travelling with a public transfer.

By Bus

Travel on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday with Ben’s Bus for just under £100pp. This gets you a direct return from airport to resort.

By Train

Travelling from Lyon to Tignes could be a bit of a logistical nightmare, as you are required to change trains and both trains run on hour schedules, so delayed or missed connections could be brutal. The train fare itself should come in at around £50, but then a taxi or bus will be required as the train will only take you as far as Landry.

From Landry, get on a bus run by FlixBus, OUIBUS, Eurolines France, Altibus. Tickets cost around £5 to £15 depending on the service provider and time of season.

Taxis and private transfers are available from All Mountain Taxis, Aarthur Taxis, Arcs Taxis, Snow Taxi, Taxi L’Vie, and Jack Celair Taxis.

Travelling from St. Etienne Airport

By Bus

For bus options between St. Etienne Airport and the resort, expect around an eight hour bus ride. Rates and routes are easy to figure out using Rome2Rio, although at this point that’s a whole day of skiing (or après-skiing) lost to a transfer, which seems a little futile.

By Private Transfer

Sun Transfers run a polished service and offer either a taxi cab or minivan for the route between St Etienne and the resort. Prices start from around £400 and the journey takes about three and a half hours.

By Train

If you’re considering train, you’re looking at some epic routes with a lot of change overs. In fact, we’re laughing at how many changes you have to make, before you end up at Landry again, and sit around for a bus or fork out big ones for a taxi.

There are a total of four trains you must take before you arrive at Landry. Prices for that journey start at about £60 for the train fare and will undoubtedly skyrocket with the private transfer from Landry to Tignes. No thanks.

Travelling from Turin to Tignes

If you’re travelling from Turin in Italy, your best bet is to rent a car. There are public transfers run by J2Ski that are worth checking out, but trying to make your own way via bus is probably going to leave you picking up a taxi at extortionate rate, as buses are few and far between.

For driving routes and tolls, check out Michelin’s route planner.

Where Does The Eurostar Ski Train Stop for Tignes?

If you’re thinking of taking the Eurostar to the resort, you will be able to get as far as Bourg Saint Maurice before having to take either a bus or taxi the rest of the way.

Eurostar tickets from London St Pancras International to Bourg St Maurice are around £90. Visit Trainline, Eurostar, Loco2, and Omio to compare prices.

Driving to Tignes

If you’re up for a drive, then it’s not something to rule out. France’s roads are generally in good condition and rentals provide snow chains (sometimes at additional cost) that will keep you reasonably safe on the roads (no Schumacher driving though).

There are a couple of things to be wary of when planning your drive.


Travelling via rental car during holidays is one way to make your holiday miserable. Getting stuck in standstill traffic is no-one’s favourite, so double check the dates for the French and UK school holidays.


There are tolls to be aware of and they can get pretty expensive. For example, heading from Calais to Tignes is about €70. Use the nifty Michelin Route Planner to help you calculate your routes and costs. Don’t be put off by that initial figure though; Michelin also estimates and includes your fuel cost for your journey. When I first saw the cost of €140 each way for fuel and tolls, I nearly fell off my chair.


The distances can be far and driving can get exhausting. This perhaps is less obvious to our more seasoned skiers but we have had customers tell us before that a 9-hour trip from Calais to Tignes following a night ferry will be a piece of cake. Ha, okay then, you do you. We’re taking the plane at least halfway there, and we’ll wait for you in La Folie Douce.


Okay, okay, we’re obviously not advocating speeding here, but we will say that if your speedometer so much as inches over the limit the police will know it. The French traffic police take their job seriously and you will not get off lightly. Further, they are rather proactive about their patrols, so you will be better off not risking it.


Tignes is a car-free resort. This means you need to figure out where to park in Tignes and you must book your car parking space online in advance.

This list makes us sound like a monster, but actually we’re relatively pro-car. We recommend picking up a rental from a local airport if it’s cheaper. We also offer rental cars as an option with our trips too.

Driving Times to Tignes

  • Calais to Tignes is about 600 miles (950km) and will take around 9 hours.
  • Chambéry Airport to Tignes is about 90 miles (140km) and will take around 2 hours.
  • Geneva Airport to Tignes is about 100 to 130 miles (170km to 215km) depending on which route you take and will take around 3 hours.
  • Grenoble Airport to Tignes is about 130 miles (215km) and will take around 3 hours.
  • Lyon Airport to Tignes is about 130 to 160 miles (215km to 260km) depending on which route you take and will take around 3 hours.
  • St. Etienne Airport to Tignes is about 190 to 230 miles (300km to 370km) depending on which route you take and will take around 3 hours.

Car Sharing

Something else worth mentioning is car sharing. runs a car sharing service that might be useful if you’re travelling solo or with one other person. We’ve tried to use this service in the past but cars never seem to be available when we go to arrange things. Still, we love the idea of car sharing and cutting down on carbon footprints, so we’re mentioning  BlaBlaCar here!

Forget Bus Timetables And Save Your Time Instead

So, as you can see, there are (too) many ways to get to Tignes resort. Whether its flights, transfers, rental cars, taxis, or the good old train, they all work reasonably well, but arranging it all and finding the cheapest, quickest option is a flipping nightmare!

The thing is, we get that people find the options so overwhelming, that it puts them off booking a ski trip. It takes about 40 hours for a person (usually some poor bloke who has taken on the role of group leader) to book a trip. That was one of the reasons behind building our travel platform. Couldn’t we just take all those different bits and put them into a computer and just press ‘go’? That way we can figure out what’s best instead of having to examine a million bus timetables in French? So we did just that.

Currently, we offer flights from 23 regional airports in the UK, straight into Geneva. We find you the cheapest flights for your dates and then suggest the cheapest and quickest means for getting you from the airport to your resort accommodation. With a click of a few buttons, you can book your flights, transfers (choose from public, private, or rental car), and be done with it. Plus, you can easily split the cost between your friends if you like, just by using our booking site.

So, next time someone asks you the question “But how do I get to Tignes?” just simply reply “WeSki”.

WeSki is a travel booking platform that helps people create, share, and book ski trips with friends and family. All aspects of the trip are fully customisable. Bookings for the 2019/2020 season are now open.

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