What Are the Best Mid-Range Val Thorens Restaurants in 2019?

There are over 60 restaurants, cafes, bars, and bistros offering great food in, and close to, Val Thorens resort, plus over ten more on the actual mountain. Cuisines range from French, Latin American, British, American, and Italian.

At WeSki, we like food. A lot. So we’ve gone ahead and listed the best mid-range and traditional restaurants in Val Thorens that we think are worth the visit.

Traditional Cuisine Restaurants in Val Thorens

A quick disclaimer – these restaurants are what we would consider moderately-priced for slope-side establishments. Also, when we talk of traditional foods, we mean raclette, fondue, and dishes from the Savoie region.

La Cabane Val Thorens

La Cabane restaurant is a smashing option for raclette and good wine. Book in advance and prepare to indulge in a cosy evening.

Call +33 4 79 00 83 84 to reserve a table.

La Grange Val Thorens

Similar to La Cabane is La Grange. La Grange offers a mixture of traditional and new cuisine, in a ‘mountain brasserie entirely built in a barn’. No wonder it’s raking in some great reviews on Trip Advisor!

Call +33 4 79 00 05 19 to reserve a table.

Le Vieux Chalet Val Thorens

Offering a range of delicious dishes, including vegetarian options and a children’s menu, Le Vieux Chalet is one to try out. Enjoy beautifully presented hearty meals with great wine to pair and set in a gorgeous log-cabin style restaurant.

Call +33 (0)4 79 000 793 to book a table.

Au Mazot Val Thorens

Currently sitting in the number two spot on Trip Advisor and as the Winner of Certificates of Excellence from 2015 to 2018, Au Mazot is a restaurant we’d highly recommend. The solid wood furniture and twee cabin-style interior windows add to the charm of an already very welcoming atmosphere. There are delicious steaks, tartiflettes, lamb shanks, and rustic bread too. Scrumptious!

Book a table on +33 479 08 63 95

Le Rendez Vous Val Thorens

French with an Italian twist, the pasta here is sublime. Winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificates of Excellence from 2016 to 2018, Le Rendez Vous presents great food in a slightly more luxurious setting compared to its cabin-style compadres.

Overlooking the pistes from a cracking terrace, enjoy lunch outside and head indoors for dinner amongst a gorgeous interior design, stop by for a cheeky pizza and sink into the hand-pulled dough, great cheese, and – go on then – beautiful wine. The deserts are also working their way into a place in our hearts.

Submit a booking request online or call +33 4 79 00 10 40.

The Steak Club – (SteakHouse Club 72 Val Thorens)

You’ve probably heard people recommending the steak club Val Thorens, Club 72, and the Steakhouse Club; this place is a top spot for great cuts of beef and good vin rouge. Winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificates of Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2018, Grandma’s choccy mousse is particularly popular. If you’re a steak lover, we recommend a visit, and don’t forget the truffle fries!

Call +33 (0)4 79 01 31 19 to book or email reservation@club-72.fr.

La Joyeuse Fondue

A cheese lover’s dream. La Fondue at the Hotel le Val Thorens does a cracking job of serving up traditional scrumptious food on its large sun terrace. Cheese fiends can knock themselves out on the Fondue menu. For those who don’t fancy fondue, there’s also the raclette and the tartiflette to dive into.

La Fondue Val Thorens is absolutely one to visit. Call +33 (0)4 79 00 04 33 to book.

John’s American Val Thorens

Essentially tex-mex, John’s American is owned and operated by some savvy Danes, this restaurant is an absolute hit when it comes to burgers, fajitas, and steaks. Choose from over 10 different burger options, with vegetarian-friendly varieties, or dive into the fajita menu which looks equally lip-smacking. If that doesn’t tempt you, there are chicken wings, BLTs and an abundance of fries to chow down on.

We’re not exactly sure who John is, but you’ll be greeted by a bunch of friendly Scandinavians who’d do him proud.

Call +33 (0) 479 000 515 to book your table.

Le Chaudron Magique Val Thorens

For a really sweet style, we’d recommend Le Chaudron Magique at Residence Montana Plein Sud. Offering a host of Savoyard specialities including pierrade, tartiflette, raclette and fondue, you can sink into comfy chairs and dip and dabble with cheese to your heart’s content. The restaurant also offers a selection of grilled meats and burgers, plus pizza and pasta. Don’t fancy sticking around? There’s a takeaway service for your fave pizza and pasta dishes. Just fab.

Call +33 4 79 00 03 74 to book a table and for takeaway inquiries.

John’s Scandinavian

He’s back! This time producing fab food that gives a nod towards the owner’s Danish roots  (we still have no idea who John is), John’s Scandinavian restaurant really is the bee’s knees. If you’re done with cheese, meats and all-round heavy cuisine, slip into John’s Scandinavian for a lighter experience. Gorge yourself on fresh fish and seafood and wash everything down with cocktails or light beer. The Scandinavian salmon, the mussels, and the oysters all look perfect.

Call +33 (0) 479 000 143 to book a table.

Restaurant La Jasper

Restaurant La Jasper, of Residence Village Montana offers up pastry desserts, pierrades (we’re living for these sliced meats and sauces), steak, and a host of gourmet dishes.

Definitely worth a visit, call +33 (0)4 79 00 21 30 to reserve a table.

La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie at Farenheit Seven Hotel cooks a lot of its best dishes in wood-fired ovens, offering up meats, fish, and even desserts with mouth-watering with Asian aromas. Enjoy breathtaking views and then consider checking out Le Zinc for a post-meal port.

Book your table at La Rotisserie by calling +33 (0) 479 000 404.

La Maison Val Thorens

Another restaurant that you must try is La Maison Val Thorens. When someone asks us “are there restaurants on piste in Val Thorens?”, this one always springs to mind.

La Maison Val Thorens is situated in prime location, effectively on the piste, and has a ton of outdoor tables so you can enjoy your Campari cocktail or Aperol aperitif in the great outdoors. Split across three floors, this brasserie serves up the usual outstanding menu of fondues and raclettes, as well as a host of mouth-watering pizza and plates of pasta. Finally, finish your meal with one of several delectable dessert options. Divine!

Book by calling +33 04 79 00 00 48.

La Ferme de Rosalie

For a traditional and frankly adorable restaurant, La Ferme de Rosalie serves up cheese and hot wine like it’s going out of fashion. Superbly good food, just at the bottom of the Folyères piste, its totally worth the visit.

Book a table by calling +33 4 79 08 07 29.

Le Chalets du Thorens

Les Chalets du Thorens is a cracking spot for quick food with self-service lunches. Enjoy pasta, pizza, hotdogs, and crepes, which are all served downstairs. Prefer to make an occasion of it? Grab a seat upstairs for a more formal affair. There are a heap of different entrees and daily specials to try out.

Book your table by calling +33 04 79 000 280.


2Mille3 promises a fabulous lunch with a stunning view and an entertaining evening of international cuisine. Facing towards the Caron summit, at lunchtime, you can enjoy shared platters, grilled meats, and buffet-style dessert. We particularly like the look of the Street food available. All in all, a great pitstop for a lunch break.

As the sunsets, the menu switches up to take on an Asian element, whilst still offering a variety of local dishes (think Savoyard) and Italian cuisine (think pasta-galore).

Book online or call +33 4 80 36 80 46.

Restaurants for Your Last Night’s Blowout in Val Thorens

Ok, we’re done. Crumbs, we are starving after all that. But, we’re not stopping, oh no. Besides, it can’t hurt to mention a few spenny options at the end can it?

For Michelin rated restaurants, we’ve listed those in Val Thorens here. For fine dining options, we’ve reviewed our favourites in Val Thorens here. Sure, they are a smidge on the pricey end, but holy moly, they are worth it.

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