Discover Michelin Star Restaurants in Val Thorens (2019/2020)

There are five Michelin rated restaurants in Val Thorens and an additional 32 establishments within an 18km (11 mile) radius of Val Thorens. Here, we’ve outlined the different restaurants in Valtho and picked out our favourite dishes.

What are the Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Val Thorens?

  1. Les Explorateurs
  2. Le Diamant Noir
  3. Fitz Roy
  4. Le Chalet de la Marine
  5. Le Base Camp
  6. Closed Michelin Restaurants

Les Explorateurs Val Thorens

Let’s start things off with Les Explorateurs, which was just this year awarded One Michelin Star. Nestled into the luxury lodging that is the Pashmina Hotel, the menu and execution of the food demonstrate a ‘clear and technical mastery’, notes Michelin. We like the sound of that.

The chef heading the show is Chef Josselin Jeanblanc, who worked alongside Romuald Fassenet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. The menu invites the diner on a ‘timeless culinary journey’ with food inspired by mountaintop expeditions.

We had a cheeky gander at the menu and, frankly, it all looks delicious. Our first instinct is to reach for the truffle tasting menu, however if we were pressed to pick our favourite dishes (such a trial) we’d choose crab cannelloni and green apple with Petrossian caviar, Verbena jelly to start followed by Combination of Sea Scallops with Nori Seaweed and Cauliflower, and all three deserts please. Thank you.

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Le Diamant Noir Val Thorens

Fine dining connoisseurs will want to know about Hotel Koh-I Nor’s luxury brasserie Le Diamant Noir. Michelin starred chefs lead the teams, with Chef Eric Samson at the helm for the 2018/2019 winter. Notable talent also deserving a mention are Michelin starred-Chefs Yoann Conte and Jean Sulpice.

This year, the restaurant has been awarded the Michelin Plate for good cooking. We’ve got our eye on foie gras cooked in the heart of artichoke with truffle, although pike sausages, crayfish stock sauce, scented with hogweed sounds delicious too.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be dining in a lovely location. The atmosphere is simply gorgeous, with soft wood finishes and beautiful big windows overlooking the mountain side. We love it.

Book a table online or by emailing You can also call +33 479 31 00 00.

Le Fitz Roy Val Thorens

Another establishment to score the Michelin Plate in 2019 is the restaurant at the Fitz Roy. Le Fitz Roy Restaurant, one of the oldest establishments in Val Thorens, offers a terrace overlooking the pistes. The team that run Le Fitz Roy also have a hand in the traditional food that can be enjoyed at La Fondue, and the gourmet bistro of Brasserie du Val Thorens, both situated within the Le Fitz Roy Hotel.

The menus boast a selection of exquisite sounding dishes that reflect the local cuisine, and are indeed sourced from the Savoie region – the Savoy cured meat board from Maison Rullier from the lunch menu is particularly enticing. Michelin notes that ‘well-dressed plates and joyfully assembled flavours’ give reason to try out the Le Fitz Roy on at least one occasion. Looking at the dinner menu, we think we’ll be back there for more.

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Le Chalet de la Marine Val Thorens

If you’re looking for something a bit more ‘up-mountain’, then look no further than Le Chalet de la Marine. Find it at the top of the Cascades chairlift, and also in Pudlowski’s good books, and indulge in truly scrumptious nosh. This restaurant was actually the first within the Alpine Arc to be awarded a Michelin Fork in 2013.

Welcoming you in at 2,500m, you find yourself in what can only feel like a true wood cabin. The decor is authentic and warm; log fires and plush furry rugs work beautifully with all the wood.

The establishment was set up by two brothers native to Val Thorens and originally ski instructors by profession. Arnaud and Cedric Gorini opened the doors in 1984 and continue to run the show today. The combination of stunning views, a great atmosphere, and prestigious chefs cooking sublime food mean that guests are set to have a rather enjoyable evening.

Book online or call +33 (0)4 79 00 11 90.

Le Base Camp

Also situated in the luxury Pashmina Hotel, Le Base Camp offers two different menu settings; the regular dinner menu and the Transalpine dinner menu.

Depending upon the season and the availability of local ingredients, the dinner menu changes on a near-daily basis. Expect a good variety of dishes to try and an abundance of great cheeses too.

On Friday evening, diners are invited to a Soiree Transalpine. Here, you can expect a buffet-style experience, in which you can discover flavours sourced from the Savoie region and all the way from Italy. Look out for cheeses, anti-pasti, traditional touches, and of course some exquisite desserts.

Planted virtually on the ski slope, the restaurant is sunny and light, with great views and a good vibe. Perfect for immediate-après-ski food.

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Closed Michelin Restaurants

If you’ve ever fancied eating at Le Yack Val Thorens or Le Karmin Val Thorens, you’re out of luck I’m afraid. Both establishments are now closed. Both restaurants were run by and situated within Le Hameau de Kashmina. The restaurant now goes by the name of the Beef & Lobster. We’ve reviewed the Beef & Lobster here, but in a nutshell, it lives up its namesake brilliantly.

L’Oxalys Val Thorens was once a splendid restaurant considered one of the most – if not the most – prestigious place to eat in Val Thorens. Run by Chef Jean Sulpice who won two Michelin stars, it has closed down and a new Restaurant called Il Gusto now occupies the space. Il Gusto serves delicious dishes at mid-range prices. We’ve reviewed Il Gusto here.

After All That, We’re Feeling Rather Peckish

The French Alps are home to some absolutely fabulous Michelin restaurants, including in Courchevel and Chamonix. Increasingly, we’re having gastronomy lovers book with us for the resort and restaurants, rather than the ski and snow. Learn more about our short luxury breaks for the 2019/2020 season. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go and get something to eat.

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