Where Are the Best Val Thorens Après-Ski Hot Spots in 2019/2020?

Here’s our review of the best places to visit on your next post-ski-sesh pub crawl for the 2019/2020 season. From après-ski bars to fancy clubs, plus pubs and restaurants-come-table-dancing-havens, we’ve got it covered.

A list of the best Val Thorens Après Ski Bars in 2019/2020

  1. La Folie Douce
  2. Malaysia
  3. Favela
  4. Le Saloon Bar
  5. The Frog and Roast Beef
  6. Rhum Box
  7. Bar 360
  8. Baramix
  9. Klub Summit
  10. Wild and Savage

So, Where Is the Best Après Ski in Val Thorens?

Argh, don’t make us choose just the one place! If you live for the outdoor party, go for La Folie Douce. If you enjoy savouring the booze, try out Rhum Dog. For more intimate parties, hit up Favela, and for late night club boogies, go for Baramix.

La Folie Douce Val Thorens

It’s our top pick because it’s a guaranteed good’un. Whether you’re starting out at La Folie Douce or taking a pit-stop mid pub crawl, do not miss this bad boy out.

Claiming to be the highest open-air club in all of Europe, La Folie Douce kicks things off around midday, booming the tunes from the balcony whilst skiers and snowboarders alike get their shuffle, grind, and disco on, on the terrace below.

Expect live musicians, a ton of good DJs, fancy VIP areas, and a sh*t-ton of booze. Count us in.

Val Thorens Malaysia

This long established bar-come-nightclub starts out with live music at 11 pm, before opening up the dance floor, putting on a DJ set and cracking on with the club anthems until 4:30 am. Le Malaysia boasts ‘industrial decoration’ and hosts around 2,500 people per night. To save a bit of money,  get there before 00:30 am and you’ll get free entry (unless it’s a special holiday, or there’s a special artist playing the venue, in which case, get yer euros ready).

In the past, Pendulum, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and Rudimental, have graced Le Malaysia’s stage. Check out upcoming events and reserve tickets via their website.

Favela Val Thorens

Probably one of our favourites is the fabulous Favela. Discover Latin America in the Alps, with burritos, tacos, and good old margaritas. The music is great and song requests are only €1, although Despacito will cost you €3 and potentially a couple of mates after your third request, so maybe give the Fonsi a break, for everyone’s sake.

Le Saloon Bar Val Thorens

Situated under Les Neves apartments at the top of the resort, prime location, perfectly timed happy hours, and good vibes make the Saloon Bar in Val Thorens one of the busiest establishments around.

Opening up the bar with a happy hour on beer from 3-5pm is, in our opinion, an excellent way to start any pre-evening sesh. Gear yourself up for the cocktail happy hour from 8-10pm – the cocktails are served in jugs by the way – and make way for a full night of party tunes perfect for a slope-side boogie.

Bar 360 Val Thorens

Ahh, the beautiful 360 bar Val Thorens. We love this place. One of the hosts of the upcoming and mega (well, mega for a mountain) festival Dutchweek, Bar 360 welcomes world-class artists to perform at its sunny snow-kissed venue.

Afrojack, Ricky Romero, and (our personal fave) Tinie Tempah, are some of the hundreds of musicians that provide the soundtrack to your epic après-ski adventures. Some people rock-out in their ski gear, others don a unicorn onesie or go full-on fancy dress. Whatever you choose to wear, get prepped to soak up the tunes. Oh, and definitely bring your shades; the sun is blinding and you’ll need ‘em close at hand for tomorrow’s hangover.

The Frog and Roast Beef

Apparently the only real British pub in Val Thorens, the Frog and Roast Beef gives you that sort-of home-away-from-home feel. Catch the footy and other top sporting events, enjoy live music, and stuff yourself on good ol’ pub grub.

Ok, ok, so it’s not exactly the most split-popping, leg-jerking, ass-twerking venue, but its true beauty lies in the fact that people often get happily smashed here and – prepare yourself for this – it opens at 9 am on Saturday morning and offers full English breakfasts to cure those hangovers!

Run by a couple; a French ski instructor (the Frog) and a British woman (the Roast Beef), don’t skip this one out. Totally worth it.

Rhum Box

Not just called the ‘Rhum Box’ for steeze, this establishment serves a wide range of delicious rum cocktails. The Rhum Box is a great pre-drinks starter, although if you’re into your rums, you may never leave. Seriously, they have a dedicated webpage on all the different rums they offer. Reading it is making us thirsty.

Seek out this quieter spot and go help it celebrate its 20th birthday…or if you’ve missed this season, go next season to help it celebrate its 21st. Crumbs, does it even matter?! Just bring on the rum!

Klub Summit Val Thorens

One of a handful of clubs in Val Thorens, Klub Summit prides itself on a full portfolio of epic club music, from “house classics, house hits…and cheesy disco tunes”. Hells yes.

Doors open at 10 pm and close at 4 am. Get a full range of drinks from the champers through to your club classics with a mountainside twist: mojitos, ciders, and tequillaaaa.

Le Baramix Val Thorens

This little baby opens up in the afternoon as a relaxed immediately-après-the-ski spot. Head upstairs in Le Baramix to the quiet bar and indulge with a plate of charcuterie from La Belle en Cuisse next door. But don’t be fooled, you’re not in for a quiet evening.

Starting out as a bar, it has, over the years, transformed into a club that pumps music out ‘til 2 am – or sometimes even later. Upcoming events are posted on Le Baramix’s Facebook Page. Expect a mix of electro, house, and throwback 80s. Perfect.

Wild and Savage Val Thorens

This cute little venue is packing a serious punch for its size. From afternoon snooker to pre-sunset hot chocolates, through to evening cocktails and live music and DJs by moonlight – Wild and Savage is definitely on our must-visit list.

Not only are we loving the line-ups that these guys put on – from Afrobeats through to electro and hip-hop, we’re also digging their ‘be wild, be safe’ sign-off and general feel-good vibe. Check out their upcoming shows as promoted on Wild and Savage’s Facebook page.

Val Thorens Nightlife – Did We Miss Anything?

Undoubtedly there are a few more places that should get a mention, but we’re calling it a day at 11 of our faves. Actually screw it, if you’ve got this far – it’s worth mentioning a couple more. We could also talk about epic nights at Le Monde Val Thorens Après-Ski Bar (great for partying); yummy pre-drinks at Le Snow Cafe (great for happy hours); fancy cocktails in the lush Bar Au Perchoir; the Shamrock Irish Pub with its smashing atmosphere and good Guinness; and of course the old L’Eclipse Bar – a post ski-sesh pub equipped with pool tables, football tables, and beer. What more could you ask?

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